Lady Prince


Lady Prince                                                                                                                                       

I will not pray for your warmth

or your life

but for the singing of your heart


my Lady, my Love

my heart is with you

upon the softness of your cheek

within the horizon of your eyes


your soul is not for the harbour

your feet for solid ground

the horizon lies before you

I will not hold you down


my Sweet, my Dearest

your touch spans distance & time

I cherish it as the new flame

I hold a shrine for you in my thoughts


You are leaving, You are gone

Mars, Venus only

mark the stations of my heart


I must see, I must go

spring winds start the earth

it is like fire,

force & mountains


will you return?

when will you come

my conviction strong as ice

in spring becomes pure water


kiss me, kiss me

lay tenderly beside me

the fortunate stars

shine upon our meeting


hello, hello again

lips meet errant soul

in tussling, lovely             


mark reino peltonen


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