Nature’s Poetry





like memory

the passage of time

delighting our senses,

marvelling in epiphany   


like a dragon



& swordplay


Mark Reino Peltonen

While I generally like to present my blog like it is a Poetry Book with no narrative, these photos deserve commentary.  The windows in our apartment have lost their seal and we have had frost build up, these photos were taken on a very cold January morning exactly as they were created by Mother Nature.  I would be hard pressed to pen lines as lovely as these.  Nature’s Poetry.


4 thoughts on “Nature’s Poetry

  1. Thanks Mark…glad to receive your works. I have been gone for quite some time but have reactivated my site and saw the pictures of the ice patterns on your window…good stuff.

    Take care and I will be watching for more

    wahjeh Rolland Nadjiwon


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