Fire Rangers

BC Fire

Fire Ranger – Deployment to B.C.                                                                                                            

rattling road for the Heavy Duty 350

and a torrent of rain coming down

hard enough to end the work day

Red Deer Creek Fire, B.C.

& we’re all wanting Fire

Fire blazing and overtime, adrenaline.

Choppers roaring in the sky above

and the great reaction of fire

taking a rip to glory

with a fierceness, perfected, defined


a she wolf of angry consumption

Tearing through 60 foot Lodgepole Pine


Smoke filling the sky

Wildfire smell in the air


here the tool is king

attack of Pulaski, Shovel & Caterpillar line

soft blue mountain ranges distant

framed in by conifers & smoke haze like memories

© Mark Reino Peltonen


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