Save these Two



Save these Two                                                                                                                                


Two seeds stranded in the darkness

Flutter down to wholesome kindness

One upon the other lain

Between the thunder and the rain


Through the wintry snowy silence

Till the spring brings sunny blindness

Though the others passed away

Wind waylaid and gone their way


These two lasted through the seasons

Seeking, striving, always trying

They put down roots in hardened ground

Relentless work without a sound


Pushing forward dust and sky

The years rolled past and found them fine

Intertwined through love and turn

They stood steadfast and from life learned


                    When all is silent, cold and snow

                    The stars an infinite stage of play

                    They bow to these two in love striving

                    That stand together, peaceful bliss

                    Their roots embraced in nature’s kiss



When the new spring rains fall down

They wore it like a dewy crown

Upon their needles, bark and cone

The earth itself their sacred home


Though they reach toward the sky

The years must come to full reply

And as the ancient trees in play

These two trees in weather sway


Then one day a wintery cracking

Finds the wood in one tree lacking

Falling down upon the ground

A mighty crash its final sound


Weather wind or whether need

The second falls in the same fashion

The lay embraced now in the field

Their fate together in death sealed


                    Home to things that scurry round

                    Hiding mouse and things low down

                    The seasons pass as they now must

                    And brings our trees to soil and dust


When out of sky there drifts two seeds

Upon the fallen earth and even

Whereupon the sunny day

Turns back to mighty of the clay




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