Boreas                                                                                                             January 31st,2017


A frosty plume of breath unfolds

Upon a morning bright and cold

Keeping stride with no delay

I hasten forth to start this day


Nice thick socks, gloves and touque

Down filled jacket, treaded boots

Why to live in such place?

Where outside brings a frozen face?


Cautious step, prevent a fall

Ice and snow is covering all

Even branches cower down

Laden full of ice they frown


Yet what I see, when fresh I feel

Night skies filled with stars of steel

Morning sunrise blazing red

As if the sky had cracked and bled


Rosey cheeks upon my miss

The only warmth a laughing kiss

I think I will enjoy the stay

Where castled cold protects till May


For here from mantra of mankind

To fell and build and take and mine

Is sheltered from this greedy hatred

And keeps the vault of nature sacred


© Mark Reino Peltonen


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